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following incident which was brought to his own

One day, a few years ago., Canon Stocken was
sitting In his mission study preparing a sermon,
when a knock came at his door. He opened the
door and found the renowned Blackfoot chief,
Crow Shoe, standing silently In front of him.

In the Blackfoot language, which the canon
speaks fluently, he said to the chief:

'Hello.    What has brought you here?3

*I want you to take my picture/ said Chief
Crow Shoe.

The canon thought this was very strange; for
he had never before seen an Indian of these parts
who would consent to have his photograph taken—
through superstition.

*Why, what for? Why do you want your pic-
ture taken?5 Inquired the canon with surprise.

"I am going to die/ replied Crow Shoe non-
chalantly, cand I want my people to have a picture
of me/

"Going to die?9

*Yes—Wednesday morning/

Who said you were going to die?'

CI have just come from a visit with the Crees up
on the Red Deer, and their medicine-man held a
Miteyawin and told me that a ghost had shot a
poison dart through me, and that I am going to
die Wednesday morning/